What is going on here?

Notbadcoffee is a project about the Third Wave Coffee culture*

We make third wave coffee shop guides of different cities, based on our journeys and notions about the high-quality coffee. We believe that customer’s education plays one of the main roles in the progress of coffee culture. There are many stereotypes about coffee as a bitter black liquid which contains caffeine or as a trendy drink with lots of sweet additions. But people in the third wave coffee shops position coffee as a separate drink similar to a good vine which doesn’t need any supplements. And barista is a professional who knows everything about the product.

On this website, you will find a list of coffee shops, info about the regular cuppings*, an article about basic coffee drinks, an interactive coffee circle and a list of resources about the coffee.

* Third Wave — modern stage of coffee culture development.

* Cupping — professional coffee tasting